How it Works

Extract Excavation is a performance-based excavation marketing system. Our unique system is designed to help small to medium sized excavation companies grow rapidly with no upfront costs, marketing budget, investment, or franchise requirements.

A completely Unique Approach

Joining Extract gives you the incredible benefits you might get if you were joining a national franchise system but without having to give up any control or ownership of your business. Get marketing like you might get from a national agency or organization for $0 out of pocket.

How to Apply to Extract Excavation's Excavation Performance Marketing Program

Apply online to become a partner

The Extract Excavation program onboarding is very labor-intensive so we only take the top 2-3 excavation contractors each month.

Extract Excavation Marketing Program

Extract Establishes Marketing in your Location

We market the Extract Excavation brand in your market through a wide range of channels.

Get Quality Excavation Leads

Extract Sends Quality Leads Directly to You

We capture and forward qualified local excavation leads based on your unique skills and abilities.

Close More Excavation Jobs

You Meet with, Bid, Close, and Do the Project!

You handle every aspect of the project and only pay Extract Excavation a small commission on closed jobs!

Don’t Pay for Marketing. Pay for Jobs.

We help excavation companies that When you partner with Extract Excavation we take care of the heavy lifting. We will market your services and deliver personalized leads for your excavation company. You will work directly with each lead. You bid the job. You set your rates. Best of all, you only pay for closed deals! No upfront marketing costs, no expensive marketing budgets. No hassles, just struggling to fill their pipeline with quality project leads land more new projects than they can handle using a unique & proven laser-focused marketing strategy.

Personalized Website

We provide a modern and personalized website experience designed to attract your ideal customer.

Search Engine Optmization

We put you on the top of search engines for localized searches helping you land customers ready to buy today.

Content Marketing

We provide unique, targeted content designed to attract, inform, and convert visitors into customers.

Custom Advertising Program

We get you exposure in search engines, on social media, and even in local market specific publications.

Sales Toolkit

We provide a full sales toolkit that will give you the tools you need to close more of the right jobs.

Apply to Join Extract Excavation's Reverse Affiliate Program

Apply to Join the Extract Excavation Marketing Program

We only work with the best residential and commercial excavators in each market. If that is you, apply today.

A System that Generates Real Results!

Here at Extract we only make money when you make money so helping you make money is our primary focus. The results are the key. We are always on the hunt for the right leads and the right customers for your excavation business.

Jeremiah - Airway Heights

We have been partnering with E&H to deliver top quality excavation leads for the past 3 years and the results speak for themselves.

Jeremiah Family

Frequently Asked Questions

The Extract Excavation program is so innovative and unique it is not uncommon for potential partners to have many questions. Here are some of the most common:

No, Extract Excavation is a performance marketing system designed to rapidly be deployed in your local market under the Extract Excavation brand name.

There are no upfront fees or out of pocket expenses required to join. We are very selective about the markets we choose to participate in and the companies that we partner with so Extract is not available to every excavation company. We require a 4+ star cumulative online rating and a proven track record of customer success as well as a collection of services that align with our core competencies. 

We do not charge any upfront fees for the program no do we require any ongoing marketing fees, membership fees, or have any hidden costs. You pay a percentage (Generally10%) of the jobs booked through Extract Excavation as a referral fee. If you do not book any work you do not pay a penny. 

Participating companies are required to provide updates on each of the leads provided. Participating companies are expected to handle the jobs booked through Extract similar to any other job taking care of the bidding, execution, and billing. 

Apply to Join the Extract Excavation Marketing Program

We only work with the best residential and commercial excavators in each market. If that is you, apply today.